Direct sales team building

MTB Marketing is a company that specializes in promoting environmental sustainability through community solar and providing support to families via the ACP and Lifeline programs. One of their key strengths is in building and training direct sales teams to market and sell community solar and Lifeline services.

MTB Marketing collaborates with direct sales teams, community solar canvassers, door-to-door sales teams, and direct sales for ACP phone inventory, to reach and assist more American families in accessing affordable community solar and benefiting from the ACP program. They provide extensive training and support to their sales teams, ensuring that they are knowledgeable about the benefits of community solar and Lifeline services and are equipped with the skills to effectively communicate these benefits to potential customers.

By building and training direct sales teams, MTB Marketing is able to expand the reach of their community solar and Lifeline programs, ultimately enabling more families to access clean and affordable energy.



What our clients say

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