Our Mission

  • To provide affordable and sustainable solar energy solutions that reduce carbon emissions and help mitigate climate change.
  • To empower individuals and businesses to transition to clean energy and take control of their energy needs.
  • To contribute to the growth of the renewable energy industry and create a more sustainable future for all.


Our Values

  • Sustainability: A commitment to environmental stewardship and reducing the carbon footprint of energy production.
  • Innovation: A willingness to embrace new technologies and push the boundaries of what’s possible in solar energy.
  • Customer Service: A focus on providing excellent service and support to customers throughout the solar energy process.
  • Transparency: A commitment to open and honest communication with customers, stakeholders, and the public.
  • Collaboration: A belief in working with others to achieve common goals and foster a stronger renewable energy community.


Meet Michael Brown

Michael Brown

Business Owner

I am deeply committed to creating a world where everyone has the tools they need to succeed

My name is Michael Brown and I’m the founder and driving force behind MTB Marketing. With over 15 years in the field, I’ve dedicated my career to bridging the digital divide and promoting sustainable living solutions for families and businesses alike.

MTB Marketing started with a simple mission – to help low-income families connect with the world digitally. Through the ACP/Lifeline program, we’ve provided free internet tablets and phones to over 30,000 families. We believe that access to technology is a vital tool for education, communication, and opportunity, which is why we’ve committed ourselves to make a difference in this space.

In addition to bridging the digital divide, MTB Marketing is also a proud advocate for green energy. We believe in a sustainable future and that everyone should have the opportunity to contribute to it. That’s why we’ve been helping residents and businesses connect to local solar farms through our Community Solar initiative. This program not only allows participants to save on their electricity bills but also helps the environment by reducing reliance on non-renewable energy sources.

Furthering our dedication to cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solutions, MTB Marketing also assists clients in finding ways to save money on their electric supply rates. By doing this, we’re helping you to lower your costs while also making a positive impact on our planet.

At the heart of my work is a passion for helping others and the environment. I am deeply committed to creating a world where everyone has the tools they need to succeed and where our environment is respected and preserved. I invite you to join MTB Marketing in our journey toward a more connected, sustainable future.



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